• Boutique/Custom UV Prints

UV Printing System With the UV printing system which can directly print on any hard or soft material up to a thickness of 4 cm, it is possible to print on materials which stretch your imagination from architectural interior and exterior designs to shop window designs. In this printing system which has a durability of 5 years in outdoors and hundreds of years in indoors, durability is ensured as a result of the instant physical curing of the acrylic ink on the material with the ultra violet rays. Any pattern of image you like in a wide range on boutique materials from wall papers to PVC films, from transparent foils to lampshade-furniture materials. Only one or thousands of prints can be provided according to your request without a minimum number of prints.

Wall Paper

Any image or pattern can be printed with UV printing system on wall papers at any length and at 130 cm width. The print does not damage the features of the wall paper and it can be wiped. It inspires you in especially store, cafe, boutique hotel, etc. designs.


Prints can be made directly on acid matte glass up to 4 cm thickness.


It provides printing directly on all wooden materials such as MDF, chipboard, etc. up to 4 cm of thickness whether they are processed or not. It has a wide application spectrum from furniture design to store decoration. It is not dangerous for human health since it does not have solvent content.


Prints can be made directly on transparent or opaque pet/pvc material of any thickness.

Transparent Foil

Our printing system produces prints of maximum quality in UV ink transparent foil applications thanks to its acrylic content.


Decorative prints can be made on fabrics having different tones and textures which are 100% cotton.


It is possible to print directly on all kinds of painting canvas without the need for emulsion. Painting or varnishing can be made after printing.